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Fire collars are an essential part of the development of multi storey buildings in Australia. They are used to stop the spread of fire through service penetrations, enabling the safe evacuation of people and assisting the containment of fire until fire fighters arrive.

Fire collars expand under flame and heat to fill the void where enflamed services melt and fall away. They contain the spread of fire by expanding and plugging holes through these services.

cougar collar
Cougar fire collars

Cougar fire collars are the only one-part collar on the market. The benefit of this product is twofold. One component holds the pipe work firm and straight, while enabling fittings to be joined in the bottom of the collar with ease, which reduces the risk of additional components deteriorating over time.

The certified use and installation of the cougar fire collars, complies with fire protection regulations for any buildings over two storeys. These products are not only competitively priced but also very easy to work with the added benefit of being specifically developed to handle the rigours of construction.

Cougar floor waist collar
Floor waste collars

Floor waste collars are used in multi storey buildings for penetrations that are installed with a grate system that catches pooling or puddled water, where a building has fire rated compartments.

Available in both a cast-in and retro fit collars both mechanically spring loaded and non-mechanical for all installation requirements.

To withstand the rigours of construction, these products are manufactured using quality components while making the installation as effective as possible.

PVC Peno’s
Cougar PVC Penetrations

Cougar PVC Penetrations have been specifically designed for creating a penetration into concrete floor surfaces for plumbing services, where there is no requirement for fire protection.

Commonly used for messanine floors, town houses, outdoor areas, or in between car park levels – this product is not only competitively priced – but it is also guaranteed to hold the pipework firm and straight and give a nice off form finish.

all proof high cast collar
Allproof high cast collars

Allproof high cast collars are fire rating approved and ideal for stack work or downpipes where flexibility may be required.

Not only are they available in three different sizes, all competitively priced, but they also have a fixed top for additional strength.

Low Cast Collar
Allproof Low Cast Collars

Allproof Low Cast Collars are renowned for their compact size. Suitable for any building construction that requires fire rating of all service penetrations, this collar is both competitively priced and easy to use.

allproof retro fit fire collar
Allproof retro fit collars

Allproof retro fit collars are unique to the market being the most compact of its type while being certified for the use without any mechanical aid on floor waste applications.

Available in both galvanised steel casing or stainless steel, these products are ideal for rectification or refurbishment projects, wall penetrations and any areas requiring less space.

allproof pipe wrap
Allproof pipe wraps

Allproof pipe wraps are designed to be used when penetrations are core drilled after building construction and can be used in floors and walls.

Ideally used when buildings have space constraints and when penetrations are required post build, the Allproof pipe wraps require no anchors. Testing is completed in floors and walls and allow the fitting to be closer to ceiling height.

These user friendly wraps are competitively priced and have a range of tested applications.

Firepro pipe wraps

Available in sizing from 32mm to 150mm, the Firepro Pipe wraps are very flexible and easy to install. Suitable for floor and wall penetrations without the need of fixings, this product is ideal for refurbishment projects or when space is of a premium.

firepro high cast collar
Firepro High Cast collar

Available in both 32mm-50mm and 65-100mm, the Firepro High Cast collar is approved for all UPVC and HDPE pipe – excluding floor waste applications.

Suitable for fire rating requirements with the added benefit of being quick and easy to install.

Fire Collar
Firepro Jumbo collars

Firepro Jumbo collars are simple to use on big pipe work and have hinged steel housing to suit UPVC & HDPE. This product is suitable for use in fire rated floors or walls in multi storey buildings.

firepro low cast fire collar
Firepro low cast collars

Firepro low cast collars are very compact and have been tested for both UPVC and HDPE pipe. With a low cast metal retaining ring, these collars have additional strength at the base and are able to be used for any pipe work penetrating a fire rated building floor – excluding floor waste applications.

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