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Passive Fire Systems carry a range of clouts, steel fixings for retro fit collars and steel screws for wall applications. The application of these products allow anchoring to fire rated products making them suitable for various construction applications.

Competitively priced and readily available with varying packaging options make Passive Fire Systems fixings the right choice for a time critical build.

Macsim DBZ Anchors
DBZ steel fixing anchors

They come in a box of 100 and are made from steel and are yellow zinc plated, I deal for retro fit fire collar installations on concrete or masonry/brick walls. They are 35mm long and requires a 6mm drill bit for installation

Wall Grab Screws
Wall Grab steel screws

Are a steel screw anchor designed for use in plaster board, hollow block and wallboard installations. Ideal for fixing retro fit fire collars to plaster board wall penetrations, come packaged in a box of 100.

Galvanised Clouts

We carry the 2.8 x 25mm clouts for installation of penetrations to formwork during construction. Available in 1kg, & 5kg boxes

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